architectural stories in motion pictures  


Our films chronicle exceptional building projects for architects,

academic institutions, contractors, donors, stakeholders, and the press. 


Our films are used for student recruitment and capital campaigns, presentations and celebrations. 


The films demonstrate the value of investing in quality architectural projects.



World Trade Center

Transportation Hub

New York


The American International School of Zagreb is a new unique complex supporting project-based and student-centered learning. The new facility will support the exceptional teaching and learning that is already happening at AISZ.  


We propose to capture this new building’s warm and inviting character, by producing a short film which will exhibit the collaborative learning taking place there.


The film will feature the facility's harmonious interaction with its context, luminous interior spaces and magnificent interplay of this building’s space and users.


previous work

American International 

School of 




AISJ’s main campus is located on a 58-acre (23.5 ha) site on the northern edge of the greater Johannesburg area. Its former role as a horse farm is reflected in both the architecture of the original buildings and the rural nature of the campus. In addition to 76 classrooms, the site includes an all-purpose gymnasium, a cafeteria, a 180-seat theater, two libraries, a 25-meter open swimming pool, a small boarding house, outdoor tennis and basketball courts, and three soccer fields.

Current enrollment on the main campus is approximately 740 students in grades Pre-K through 12. The plan focuses on creating distinct schools that connect to a common core and reflect the rural architecture of Johannesburg.



School of Tunis


During the civil unrest of the Arab Spring in September 2012, the school was attacked, looted, and set on fire by a mob. After developing a new master plan for the campus, the school began to rebuild.


The building’s design takes its inspiration from the stark modernist style of traditional North African architecture, with white-washed walls and an interplay of solid and void and light and shadow. 



Pillow Dance

The Perles Family Studio


One of the most esteemed dance institutions, Jacob's Pillow Dance, and internationally recognized architect Flansburgh Architects, created an inspiring dance studio nestled in the Berkshires. Jacob's Pillow Dance is known for the oldest internationally acclaimed Summer dance festival in the United States.



studio philosophy

Architectural filmmaking

& mission-driven storytelling


portraying life in buildings

Our films showcase buildings as they were designed to be used and experienced, and the unique and special opportunities those structures afford.  Bringing forward the relationships and interactions of people and places. 


architecture & movement

We reveal form through movement, and function through observation. Our cameras drift, float and fly across buildings to capture their structure, materials, details, and context.



We shoot in cinema-quality, state-of-the-art, future-proof media formats to create permanent visual records that last the life of a building and beyond. We use an armature of specially-designed techniques, including calibrated color science and tuned digital negatives, to render impressions of light, temperature, dimension, and transitions in built structures.  Our cuts reveal the poetics of places in time. 



film proposal

For the American International School of Zagreb, we propose a film that will make best use of the building's thoughtful design, natural light, and flexible programmatic core. 


We propose a film running approximately 2:30 seconds, with music, expressing visually the program of the school and the experience of being there.





The exact scope of work can be adjusted relative to budget and timeline, our proposal is:


01 / Film Shoot

2 day shoot

$3800 per day


Exterior & interior, sunrise through sunset shoot, covering all areas at various times of day, with and without students.


This fee includes advance work & planning, camera equipment rental, no charge for travel days or weather days.


$7600 shoot



02 / Processing

4 days of video processing

$1400 per day​​​


Color correction, stabilization, clip selection.

$5600 processing

03 / Editing

4 days of editing

$1400 per day


2 min 30 sec, film with music.


30 second film, silent, hightlights.


$4200 editing


04 / Music

License for Perpetual Music Rights 

$400 Flat Fee


Total Film Fee:





2 minute 30 second (2:30) short film,

of the new American International

School of Zagreb




proposed schedule



November 14 & 15th


Edits Delivered

December 18th









Sharing Production Costs

This fee includes a license for any partners or parties that share in the production cost. 


Travel Days & Weather Cover Days

There is no charge for travel days or for unused weather cover days.


Travel Expenses & Accommodations

Air travel, baggage and accommodations are billed for reimbursement separately.

Reimbursable expenses estimated at $1500.


Deliverable Formats

Provided in 2 formats:

1) formatted for online / web / presentation

2) high-resolution ProRes422 archive file


Additional Deliverables

Additional edits, alternate versions, clip libraries, marketing collateral for social media or other advertising purposes are available on request at $140 per hour of production time for editing.


motion picture film studio is a part of



Fort Point, Boston